5 FACToRS五动态代谢(10BOX)

5 FACToRS五动态代谢(10BOX)

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Total Price : RM1100.00

Detoxification is the process of removing toxins from the body. The body naturally detoxifies through the process of excretion, which removes waste and toxins from the body. Additionally, the body can detoxify itself using medications and supplements. Some people take supplements to help detoxify their bodies. These supplements can include herbs, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Product introduction: 1 box of 16 bags, 1 bag of 15g, suitable for vegetarians.

Product Features: No synthetic colors, no chemicals, no animal ingredients, suitable for vegetarians, no trans fat, no cholesterol, no lactose, all natural ingredients

Ingredients: Barley, oats, hawthorn berries, dandelion extract, saint fruit peel extract, passion fruit extract, soy lecithin, rhubarb root extract, cassia seed extract, stevia, psyllium husk, trichosanthes sucrose

, Isomaltooligosaccharide, hydrolyzed starch, calcium, black garlic, blue pea flower extract

Efficacy: lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, improve constipation, whiten and remove freckles. Supplementing calcium, preventing cardiovascular disease, preventing aging, anti-cancer, treating menstrual pain, improving intestinal peristalsis, conducive to diuresis, clearing away heat and detoxification, removing moisture, improving urethritis, protecting the stomach and digestion, improving anemia, preventing arteriosclerosis, Improve immunity, strengthen brain function, nourish the liver and eyesight, promote digestion and absorption, treat eye diseases, reduce insulin, and keep the breasts unblocked without milk congestion.

How to take: It is recommended to take it after meals or before going to bed. Add 1 packet to 200 ml of water and shake evenly. Just brew with normal water temperature.